Cambioscop, at a glance

Carbon management towards low fossil carbon use

CAMBIOSCOP ambition: build the most comprehensive and integrated bioeconomy strategy in Europe

How should France develop its bioeconomy in the transition towards a «defossilized» economy? How, when, and where to invest the money? 

CAMBIOSCOP aims to answer this question. This will result in tailored and quantified cost and environmentally efficient strategies towards the long term development of France’s bioeconomy.


Cambioscop, in video


Cambioscop at the Elysée!

Lorie presented (in French) Cambioscop in 3 minutes to the French President Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of Environment (Transition Ecologique [...]

Sustbioeco 2019

Retour sur la journée du 19 novembre le premier Advisory Board Meeting of the Make Our Planet Great Again Project [...]

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