Patrick Brassard, Stéphane Godbout, Joahnn H. Palacios, Brenda J. Alvarez-Chavez, Étienne Le Roux and Lorie Hamelin

  • A spatial approach to bioeconomy: Quantifying the residual biomass potential in the EU-27

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 100, February 2019, Pages 127-142

Lorie Hamelin, Magdalena Borzęcka, Małgorzata Kozak, Rafał Pudełko 

  • Coupling economic and GHG emission accounting models to evaluate the sustainability of biogas policies

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews – Volume 106, May 2019, Pages 133-148

AndreaBartoli ; LorieHamelin ; SteliosRozakis ; MagdalenaBorzęcka ; MiguelBrandão